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Girls Play Mat
Girls Play Mat Girls Play Mats Baby Play Mat Floor Mats For Kids

Medium Rainbow Land Play Mat

Regular price $149.99
Welcome to Rainbow Land, where a candy forest, a mermaid beach, and a friendly dragon beckon your little cuties to imagine and explore! Let your child fly on all the colors of the rainbow, and eat delicious ice cream at the pink castle on this adorable kids play mat! They won’t be able to keep their hands off of these eye-catching playful kids floor mats! This fresh, modern and colorful design appeals may seem like an all girls play mat but it definitely appeals to all ages and genders. You can use this with the cars and toys that you already own, and watch your cuties’ imagination take off as they create their own adventures! We also now offer our own colorful, classic wooden cars that are perfect for our Rainbow Land play mat. Our Rainbow Land mat is the best play mat for those littles lost in worlds of faeries, unicorns, and adventures. Watch your kids' imaginations fly like a dragon when they start playing with this play mat!

Why Moms love Camp Castle play mats: We at Camp Castle take pride in ensuring that our play mats are high quality and durable enough for everyday use. The surface of our play mats are long-lasting and wipeable for all of those cute (and sometimes not so cute!) little messes kids make. Our designs are modern, playful, and adorable, which will engage your kid's imaginations for hours of screen-free, battery-free, and noise-free play time!

Why Play Time Is So Important For Kids

Playtime is as important for kids as working is for adults! It helps them learn, exercise their creativity and reduces their stress. When kids get their share of playtime it helps improve their behavior. It lets them unwind and refresh their minds. Playtime with other kids (like siblings) can help them learn how to share, work as a team and how to lead and follow. It helps them stay active and active kids turn into active adults! Learning through playtime is also a great way children improve their education! It enriches their imaginations, and helps them grow up to believe in a world of possibilities and the attitude that they can achieve anything. It helps them think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems. It allows them to relieve stress, making those cute little faces less grumpy. They are able to show their emotions through stories, drawings and artwork. Play mats are a great way to encourage your child to express themselves. Let’s help encourage our children to have a stronger body and mind by allowing them some good ol’ fashion playtime! Don’t hesitate, grab one of our wipeable kids play mats today!

Material: Floor Vinyl

Dimensions: 43x58"

**Ships in up to 6 business days**

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